French Drain Seattle Installation and Repair

Seattle french drains French drain Installation and repair is our specialty. In the northwest, it rains all the time. Getting water away from your home is must. Without French drains, we here in Seattle would be sunk, literally. Watershield Northwest installs and repairs standard pvc French drainage system to eliminate or minimize standing water or soggy lawns. We also offer upgraded multi-flow systems and complete yard re-builds. Our French drain systems are based on conditions present on site and surrounding grading. Your ground conditions could change, so solid planning is required.

So why use French drains? Many places like Seattle with large amounts of rain and moisture require French drains to move water away from troubled areas like wet lawns or your home. French drains are very simple at their core. Dig a ditch, install piping to drain water, fill with gravel, cover… but there is much, much more to it. Working on French drains in places like Queen Anne and Capitol Hill in Seattle can be tricky. You need to keep your neighbors and city codes in mind so that you are not diverting water onto someone else’s property. Planning is key and Watershield Northwest starts building a plan of attack so that there are no issues once the french drain is draining properly.

French drain inventor Henry French. Seattle thanks you.Watershield Northwest knows and loves working on French drains. For instance, did you know that the French drain is not named after the country of France? It was actually invented by a man named Henry Flagg French who was the first president of Massachusetts Agricultural College.

Working on French drains in West Seattle, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill through the Mount Baker neighborhood is what we do. If you live in Seattle and have a French drain that needs to be installed or repaired, give us a call at Watershield Northwest we would love to help out.  (206) 910-9352